London Prophetic Workshops

We had two successful series of Workshops, based in Beckton, East London. Later, Workshops were also held in Stratford.

Workshops included teaching and practical application in a safe environment. They focused on the use spiritual gifts in the church and in secular contexts. They also provided teaching on the prophetic gift and ministry. 

The venue for the Beckton Workshops was: Premier Inn, 1 Woolwich Way, Beckton, London E6 5NT


Do you want to learn how to hear God for yourself and for others?
Do you want to learn how to use what you hear in a safe and responsible way, so that it benefits rather than harms others?
Do you want to learn more about the prophetic ministry?

The Workshops contain: Worship & prayer; Practical teaching & demonstration; Participation & feedback of results; Question & discussion times & Personal ministry.

Topics covered in Workshop sessions include: Interpretation of  Dreams & Visions; Use the Word of Knowledge in Healing, Developing your prophetic gift, Identification of some of the principles and pitfalls in the prophetic ministry.

You will not find the real you by giving in to your emotions, but by surrendering your emotions to God.
To have found God and still pursue him is the soul's paradox of love. A.W. Tozer
God is not nearly so interested in changing your circumstances as he is in changing you. Joyce Meyer
The God who creates everything, pursues you. Don't let anyone tell you you're worth less than that. Louie Giglio
God wants to give you the kind of peace that will enable you to sleep in a storm. T.D.Jakes
God has a celebration meal with us, not after we finally get out of the dark valley, but in the middle of it, in the presence of our enemies. He wants us to rejoice in Him in the midst of our troubles. Tim Keller
In the Kingdom, physical obedience brings spiritual release. Bill Johnson
The devil's finest trick is to persuade you he doesn't exist. Anon
He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. Jim Eliott
Don't be surprised if you pray for nearness to God and He sends a trial. Nearness always requires dependence.
Fear is the enemy of love. The two cannot exist together. we have to choose daily: Fear or love? David Forster
What you do (for a living) is not who you are. Celia Apeagyei- Collins
You are not saved because of the quality of your faith, you are saved because of the object of your faith: The Redemer! Tim Keller
If Satan can hold us in the area of reason in our minds, he can defeat us every time. But if we hold him in the area of faith - we defeat him every time. Kenneth Hagin
People who write you off when you fail know nothing about history and even less about life. No person ever fully succeeds until they fully fail. Lance Wallnau
Revival goes from the bottom up; Reformation goes from the top down. Therefore Reformation is institutional and Revival is personal. Lance Wallnau
Time is a problem. Live in the Spirit and God will cause time to work for you (Ps. 31:15). Lance Wallnau
There is no uncreated being except God. God has no opposite. Satan, the leader or dictator of devils, is the opposite, not of God, but of Michael.  C. S. Lewis
Our corporate worship doesn't meet a need in God. It meets a need in us. Sam Storms
Of course God does not consider you hopeless. If He did, He would not be moving you to seek Him (and He obviously is). Continue seeking Him with seriousness. Unless He wanted you, you would not be wanting Him.  C. S. Lewis
You never know how much you really believe anything until its truth or falsehood becomes a matter of life and death to you C. S. Lewis
God is not nearly as interested in changing your circumstances as he is in changing you Joyce Meyer
Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts. Albert Einstein
Suspicion often creates what it suspects.  C. S.Lewis
How you feel is not how you are. Feelings are great servants and terrible masters. Kris Vallotton
Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point. C. S. Lewis
Inner peace is key to experiencing God's presence. Rest is a weapon against the enemy.  Graham Cooke
There is a lot that is good in your life. Don't take it for granted. Don't get so focused on the struggle that you miss the gift of today. Joel Osteen
Every moment that you spend upset, despaired, anguished, angry, afraid or hurt because of the behaviour of someone else in your life, is a moment in which you've given up control of your life. Unknown
Fairy tails don't tell children that dragons exist. Children know dragons exist. Fairy tails tell children that dragons can be killed. G. K. Chesterton
The enemy commits identity theft when you believe you must earn what God freely gives.  Alison Brown
Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds when the heal has crushed it Mark Twain
If you know you are loved, faith is easy. It's easy to trust someone who you know loves you.  David Forster
If you agree with the Person who created you and receive what He gives, you will have: Serenity in your identity and confidence in your countenance. David Forster
The Person who created you says: Salvation is My gift to you. Righteousness is My gift to you. Peace is My gift to you. Joy is My gift to you. All that I AM I give you willingly and freely. Graham Cooke
Remember, you do not have to live today by how you feel, nor by what you think about yourself, nor even by what someone else thinks about you. The Person who created you thinks you are wonderful, and He waits with open arms for you to agree with Him. David Forster
If you read history you will find that the Christians who did most for the present world were just those who thought most of the next. C S Lewis
A spiritual life runs on trust and obedience, and the Holy Spirit is with you to develop confidence in God and in who you are. Graham Cooke
Did you know that you are utterly and completely loved by God, without doing a single thing, good or bad? David Forster
If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got. David Forster
Some Christians know Jesus as Saviour, others are learning to know him as Lord. The two are very different identities.... Graham Cooke
Shift gears from 'doing something in God's presence' (like praying) to simply 'being in God's presence' Lance Wallnau
A satisfying and exciting life organises around an identity focused on Jesus, not the church. G. Cooke
Be in His Presence as a normal practice, experience and disposition
(ie. settled state of mind).
The Father gives us the right to expect this; it's our inheritance.
David Forster
Your future doesn't depend on what is in front of you, it depends on who is in you. Lance Wallnau
Remember: however contrary the circumstances, whatever your mood, whatever the company, retain your (inner) rest in Jesus. Its faith (trust) in Him that counts.
It's who He is for you that matters most, and wins the day.
David Forster
You don't have to talk to Him or think of something to say (or pray about); you can just be in His presence. David Forster
Your unfinished destiny is your most potent argument with death. Graham Cooke
Every day, adjust yourself to where God is taking you, that is, toward the prophetic vision He has given you. Lance Wallnau
Whatever you bow to on the way up the mountain (or the ladder) has control of you when you get to the top. Lance Wallnau
I'm not focused on what I am not, I am focused on what He is for me. David Forster
Satan cannot impose his will on anyone, he has to have our agreement. Graham Cooke
A little while ago I became old enough to start believing fairy tales again. This means there are far better things ahead of me than I have left behind. CS Lewis
No-one knows how bad they are until they have tried very hard to be good. CS Lewis
 Real faith is not faith in an outcome (of a particular circumstance or situation), it is faith in a Person. David Forster
If your heart has experienced God, you need to have an understanding to keep that experience alive and current. We need to know by both knowledge and experience together.
G Cooke
We have the right to expect His Presence, because it is the Father who has placed us in Jesus. We don't have to try to get there or try to stay there; He has placed us there. It was Him who did it.
David Forster
Wealth, women and status; these are the major temptations that can draw a man away from God. Each is morally neutral; yet given the appropriate significance, each can control us.
David Forster
For a believer intimacy with God is not an option, it's a necessity. Guidance and direction depend on this intimacy and sensitivity to Holy Spirit. There is no substitute for the latter.
G Cooke
You can believe in Christianity in the same way you believe that the sun has risen; firstly, because you see it and secondly because by it you see everything else.
  CS Lewis
Be in no doubt that God will redeem the losses and mistakes of your past life.
David Forster
God cannot give us happiness and peace apart from Himself, because there is simply no such thing.
CS Lewis
When you are at peace with God, you will be at peace with yourself and with other people. David Forster
Jesus reveals the Father to us. He gives us peace and rest. He is not a hard taskmaster.
David Forster
Live in the fruit of the Holy Spirit (Gal.5:22-23), because this is living in the character of God. Circumstances do not affect the character of God: He never changes.
Therefore, you and I can minimise the effect of circumstances on our lives by living in the character of God.
David Forster
In each situation/circumstance of life, ask the Lord: a) Where are you in this situation, Lord? b) How do you want me to cooperate with you? David Forster
If we are living daily by faith, we will be constantly over our head; beyond our ability to do this or that. We should all be in that place in some area of our life. If we are not, we will be like an old wineskin; too rigid and inflexible to receive the Lord's new wine. Rick Joyner

Workshop Sessions

Workshop 1: Teaching Worship Authenticity 29.49 Teaching Worship Authenticity.mp3
Workshop 1: Personal Ministry   13:11
Personal Ministry.mp3
Workshop 2: Characteristics of Prophecy   33:39 PWS02 Characteristics of Prophecy.mp3
3.1 Workshop 3: Spiritual Awareness
  37:46 Spiritual Awareness.mp3
Workshop 3: Personal Ministry
Personal Ministry pws3.mp3
Workshop 4: Dreams & Visions: Part 1
  27:11 Dreams and Visions.mp3
4.2 Workshop 4: Dream & Vision Interpretation   49:11 Dream and Vision Interpretation.mp3
Workshop 4: Personal Ministry
Personal Ministry pws4.mp3
Workshop 5: Dreams and Visions: Part 2
Dreams and Visions pws5.mp3
Workshop 5: Guidelines to Interpretation
  17:58 Guidelines to Interpretation.mp3
Workshop 5: Personal Ministry
  08:15 Personal Ministry pws5.mp3
6.1 Workshop 6: Word of Knowledge
Word of Knowledge.mp3
Workshop 6: Personal Ministry
  07:47 Personal Ministry pws6.mp3
6.3 Workshop 6: How to respond to your Personal Prophecy
  08:31 Personal Prophecy Response.mp3
Workshop 7: Responsible Use of Spiritual Gifts
  20.54 responsible-use-of-spiritual-gifts.mp3
Workshop 7: The Barrier of Fear
  37.07 pws7-Barrier-of-fear.mp3
Workshop 7: Personal Ministry
Workshop 8: Wise Use of Prophetic Gifting
Workshop 8: Personal Ministry
  8.09 pws8-personal-ministry.mp3
Workshop 9: Public Prophetic Ministry
  40.49 pws9-public-prophetic-ministry.mp3
Workshop 9: Personal Ministry
Workshop 10: True and False Prophecy
  49.34 pws10-true-and-false-prophecy.mp3
10 Workshop 10: Personal Ministry
  02.43 pws10-personal-ministry.mp3
Workshop 11: Teaching on Character
  37.43 pws11-teaching-on-character.mp3
12  Workshop 12: Authenticity of Prophetic Word: Part 1   45:14 pws12-authenticity-of-prophetic.mp3 
13  Workshop 13: Authenticity of Prophetic Word: Part 2   57:12 pws13-authenticity-of-prophetic-word.mp3 
13  Workshop 13: Authenticity of Prophetic Word: Part 3   30:50 pws13-authenticity-of-prophetic-word-part2.mp3
14  Workshop 14: The Visual Voice of God: Part 1   24:49  pws14-the-visual-voice-of-god.mp3 
14  Workshop 14: Congregational Prophecy   04:50  pws14-congregational-prophecy.mp3 
14  Workshop 14: Personal Ministry   04:41  pws13-personal-ministry 
14  Workshop 14: Call-out Ministry   11:19  pws14-call-out-ministry 
15  Workshop 15: The Visual Voice of God: Part 2   47:40  pws15-the-visual-voice-of-god
15  Workshop 15: Guidelines to Interpretation of Dreams   11:16 pws15-guideline-to-interpretation-of-dreams.mp3
Reaching the Heights